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Carpet Cleaning Christchurch

Professional crpet cleaning services with truck mount carpet cleaning machine
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Carpet is a vital furnishing in every home and office. It does not only add beauty but also improves the indoor air quality by providing warmth.


Dirt, dust, and allergens can accumulate in the carpet, which leads to wear, tears and more importantly can cause health issues. It is necessary to clean your carpet and keep it well-maintained to increase its longevity.


So, if you are wondering whether hiring carpet cleaning services is worth it, this page contains information and answers questions about the benefit of opting for professional cleaners in the Christchurch area.

Quality cleaning solutions and equipment


You can DIY and clean the carpet by yourself but the machinery and expertise required for professional carpet cleaning are expensive and requires training.


As you carpet cleaning Christchurch experts, we know Carpet cleaning involves the use of the right equipment and detergents. Different carpets are made from various fabrics. Some solutions can harm the carpet.

Focus on what matters, your carpet is in safe hands


With a professional carpet cleaner, you can have peace of mind the carpet is in safe hands. Our cleaners understand different cleaning methods that won’t change your surroundings.


Example: If one of your family members is struggling with allergies or is sensitive to scents, steam cleaning can be the best solution. The carpet steam cleaner understands the whole process to remove build-up from the carpet fibres.


If your carpet is ageing quickly, is dirty, has a bad odour or you require stain removal, you need to consider our local Christchurch carpet and flooring cleaning services.


At Triple Star, we not only perform the cleaning but also provide advice on how to maintain the carpet. We like to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done right the first time.

IICRC Carpet Cleaning Certificate Firm
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7 Steps - Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning Process


  1. Commercial Grade Pre-vacuum. 

  2. Citrus Solv Pre-Spray.

  3. Counter-rotating brushing machine for Agitation.

  4. Neutralizing Hot Water.

  5. Extraction/Rinse.

  6. Stain treatment (Quote Separately).

  7. Grooming if needed.

5 Steps - General Carpet Steam Cleaning Process:           


  1. Commercial Grade Pre-Vacuum

  2. Citrus Solv Pre-Spray

  3. Neutralizing Hot Water Extraction/Rinse

  4. Stain treatment ( Quote Separately)

  5.  Grooming if needed.

Why choose Triple Star to clean your carpet


Our Technicians are highly trained and hold internationally recognized qualifications from IICRC. It's a global Certificate and we are a CCANZ Member in New Zealand (Carpet Cleaners Association of New Zealand).


  • Powerful 20 Horse Petrol Truck mounted Cleaning Machine, Carpet dry in 3-6 hours

  • Over 12 years of Commercial Cleaning Industry experience

  • Owner Operating Pure water window cleaning & All Floor Cleaning Services

  • Money-back guarantee, we guarantee our services for up to 5 days!

  • $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance


How long does carpet cleaning take?

  • 3-bedroom house - up to 150sqms: Between 1.25-1.5 hours, and for

  • 4-bedroom house - 200sqms or more: 1.5 hours.


Note: Stain removal treatment or a deeper clean service requires more time to complete. 


Using our extra heavy-duty scrub machine to scrub the carpet and air movers helping to dry the carpet fast does also require more time.


Do you have time frame concerns? Please let us know.


How long will it take for my carpet to dry?


After a thorough clean with our machine, Carpet will need 3 - 6 Hours to dry. We will contact you if we require more time.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?


Every 6-12 months depending on the foot traffic of the space. The carpet should be cleaned in a similar time frame as Hard Wood Flooring.

Can you clean the carpet if I am away from the property?


Yes, we can arrange for the carpet cleaning to be done while you are away from the property. Our clients regularly entrust carpet care to our team while they are at work or on holiday.

Do you also clean rugs and upholstery?


Yes, we are able to steam clean rugs and upholstery to bring life back into your items leaving them smelling fresh. Rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning can be added to other services. We can cater to your cleaning needs.

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