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Carpet Stain Removal Christchurch


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Triple Star Cleaning are experts in rug and carpet stain removal in Christchurch.
Local Canterbury team, Fast and easy quotes.

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Residential and Commercial 


We provide expert carpet cleaning services to residential and commercial properties in Christchurch.


Have the kids got up to no good? the family pet has made a mess or had an accident on the carpet? Have some tenants that haven't looked after the rental or office? We can help.

Tough Stains Removed


We are able to remove a number of common stains and spots from many different types of carpet: For a description of the types of stains removed, see our FAQ.

While most stains come out during our professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning services, it's vital to get in touch with the team promptly if tougher stains remain.

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What stains can you remove from my carpet and rugs?

We have successfully removed these stains:

Pet stains, tannin staining, coffee marks, cellulose browning discolourations, watermarks, egg, gravy, milk, blood, vomit, grease, paint, carbon, marks, cosmetics and more.

How long does carpet stain removal take?


Normally each spot takes between 5-10 minutes to remove.

Can you guarantee the removal of all stains from the carpet or rug?


No, with many different types of carpet materials, and a variety of stains, we can not guarantee it would totally remove the stain. We do try to the best of our best knowledge to make it unnoticeable.


Would stain removal take odours out of the carpet?


We do have odours removal services, such as applying an enzyme-based chemical on the carpet as pre-spray.

When we clean carpet to reduce the smell and treat the spot where the odour comes from as part of stain removal services.


We just launched an odour control machine. We are able to hire out this unit for some heavy-duty conditioning for either 4 hours (small areas or rooms) or 24 hours for a whole house.


Can other carpet cleaning methods actually hurt my carpets?


The main advice on the internet is to use a solution of vinegar and water - How accurate is this advice?


If the carpet was not cleaned in a professional way, it could easily damage the carpet. We often see carpet that has a white spot or browning colour from using the wrong products to treat stains.


A professional cleaner would never advise the method of vinegar and water to clean the carpet. If this DIY process goes wrong, you will simply have to replace the carpet due to damage, because the staining could get worse.


From our experience, any stains treated by our customers DIY products end up with either the carpet damaged (sadly, we couldn't do anything about it) or we can only improve the area a small amount after we use our correct processes.

So, please get some free professional advice from us before you try anything. Simply send us an email or give us a call to get an idea of what to do after stains appear, We can guide you in the right direction before professional cleaning is required.