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Disinfecting Services 


We use the latest fogging machine with the best hospital grade chemical to killing all bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and yeasts. These can be prevalent due to flooding, body fluids or organic waste.


Our process combined with the chemical we use can kill COVID-19 virus.

Last year we Disinfected and cleaned the Men’s prison in Canterbury before their renovation company commenced construction work. As we have proven, we can look after your Commercial or Residential site safely, ready for re-opening.

The chemical we use is a proprietary anti-microbial decontaminant for use in heavy duty restoration situations. The core biocidal activity in the chemical is derived from a synergistic combination of two powerful biocides and specific potentiator chemistry which effectively destroys a wide range of micro-organisms, viruses, odour causing bacteria and mould.

This powerful biocidal blend is carried rapidly and deeply into the affected area with a dynamic wetting agent which enables the biocide to penetrate substantially further into porous substrates, fabrics and fibres than traditional disinfectants.

What areas can be Disinfected and Costs


*Carpets and Fabric, we steam clean the dirty carpets and fabrics first then Disinfecting with the fogging system as a second step.


Minimum fees $150+GST plus $3.5+GST per square meter of carpet area.


Upholstery Fabric cleaning are cost per seat and type.

*Cleanable Surfaces & Hard Surface, Wall, Door, Windows, Tables we are able to reach, etc. we clean dirty surfaces first and then Disinfecting with the fogging system as a second step.


If we are unable to reach certain areas, as long as the chemicals are able to it can still kill the virus.

Minimum fees $150+GST plus $2+GST per square meter of floor area.

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The product: Actichem Brand  (AP439)is a proprietary anti-microbial decontaminant and Evaluated in accordance with the TGA Test for Hospital Grade Disinfectants under “dirty” conditions

Why you Need Commercial Cleaning Services During the Covid-19 Season


COVID-19 is currently spreading quickly and we would all like to remain healthy.

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a high level of hygiene as the primary means of defeating this virus. To fully protect yourself and members of your household, you may need cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in your home or office.

A cleaning company is better placed to clean, disinfect and sanitize all surfaces. While you may do this yourself, the following reasons should help you reconsider hiring professionals in the industry.


1. Skilled Personnel


Cleaning and sanitizing surfaces thoroughly to get rid of viruses and germs is a skill. A cleaning company will invest resources in training its staff on ways to best disinfect surfaces and corners successfully.


Without proper knowledge and training, you might miss a few traces of Coronavirus on some surfaces. This can even expose you to the risk of contracting the Virus.


2. Using the Right Disinfectants


A cleaning business can acquire the right chemicals to be used for specific surfaces. Even if they just use a little for a single client, the rest will be utilized with other customers. That means besides protecting you and your family from the virus and other pathogens, they will maintain the quality of your surfaces.


Some chemicals when used inappropriately, may cause fading of your expensive floor, or reducing the warmth of your carpet. It is not recommended to use these without proper application.


3. Commercial Cleaning saves your Time


While working at home, you may find that time is squeezed and there are countless distractions. As such, you may lack the appropriate amount of time required to correctly clean your house.


While you concentrate on working and taking care of your family, you can delegate the cleaning and disinfection of your home.


4. Reduced Exposure to the Virus


During sanitizing, disinfecting and fumigation of surfaces, it places the person at the forefront of contracting diseases such as COVID-19. You may not have the high-quality personal protective equipment to fully reduce the chances of infection.


5. Commercial Cleaning Saves you Money


You may be wondering how spending money can actually save you money at the same time. Let me explain.

If your staff rooms and high foot traffic areas are professionally disenfected then that provides the best chance of staff and customers staying healthy. Our goal is to help people stay healthy, not taking sick leave due to covid.

In this season of COVID-19 and with the ease of contacting it, your health becomes your greatest asset. With proper sanitizing, cleaning and disinfection you can rest easy knowing that you have taken all the steps to remain safe.


Closing Remarks


Sanitizing your hands, disinfecting and cleaning surfaces will help to keep you safe during this pandemic.

We are sure you will love your experience with Triple Star Disinfecting and cleaning services.


We help to save you money, time and enhance your safety as you stay home isolating or looking after family.

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