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Triple Star are an expert in cleaning procedures for the Education sector in Christchurch.

Primary and Secondary Schools, Play Centres, kindergarten, Universities
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Professional commercial cleaning is a high priority for educational facilities.


A clean and welcoming environment benefits the learning experience by giving confidence and reassurance. Teachers are more comfortable, less prone to illness and more focused on teaching.


Triple Star School Cleaning Services can provide your educational facility with commercial cleaning services that will ensure it stays clean, green and healthy enabling students and teachers to stay focused on their core roles of learning and teaching.

“If it looks and smells clean then it must be clean” is a common misconception. Germs thrive in a high-paced environment with a large footfall, increasing the risk of contamination and germs spreading.


Health and Safety

With Triple Star, you can be assured that your school along with your staff and students is clean and healthy. Health and Safety is our top priority.


Triple Star deploy the latest cleaning products, technology and cross-contamination & infection control procedures that will support you in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and help to reduce the risk of sickness.


We also use child-friendly cleaning agents to further ensure the safety of students.


You can trust us with your Education Facilities contract cleaning requirements.

Each educational facility will have different requirements and we are able to work with you to find a flexible solution to ensure no disruption to your day to day operations.

All Triple Star team members are carefully screened through references and background checks to ensure the safety and security of all the staff and students at your educational institution.

The Importance of Having a Clean & Healthy School Environment 


Among the top concerns of parents and school officials, along with quality education, is the health and security of their children.


Using cleaning professionals assures parents that their children will not be exposed to dirt and germs that cause illnesses. Children who are less likely to get sick will have a better chance of performing well at school since sickness is one of the main reasons for absenteeism.


Students and teachers are more focused, a teacher will undoubtedly be distracted while teaching if the learning environment is dirty. Students will not perform at their best in an unhygienic situation.


Peace of mind

Learning time can be maximized, with time no longer being wasted tidying up before the school day begins.


Good habits in children are established, the chances are, if children grow up in a clean school environment, this state of cleanliness will follow them throughout their lives...


Providing expertise in the cleaning industry is what Triple Star Commercial Cleaning offers as a professional service, using quality products that are not harmful and suited to the client's needs.

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Benefits of Using Professional School Cleaning Services


When parents, guardians and other visitors come to visit your daycare, school, college, or higher learning establishment it is important that they get the best first impression.

Triple Stars specialties include carpethard floor cleaning and window cleaning.


Our cleaning staff understand the importance of attention to detail, quality work and creating first impressions.


Utilizing school cleaners that are experienced in delivering commercial cleaning for schools will make sure your facilities are always looking their best and will help to raise your standard.

Apart from a regular and flexible cleaning schedule, deep cleaning can also be scheduled and administered during the school holidays.


School personnel can be more focused on their core jobs with the cleaning service handling tasks such as procuring cleaning materials and paying cleaners.


As well as working to meet the client's schedule and budget requirements, flexibility is available for one-off events such as graduations. The amount of cleaning needed can be easily adjusted with our contract cleaning services. We are able to work with custom cleaning solutions to come up with a cleaning plan that suits you.


Triple Star Commercial Cleaning Services are committed to complete customer satisfaction, guaranteed, and will work closely with your educational facility from daycare to university to maximize and customize your cleaning requirements.