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End of tenancy cleaning Christchurch

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Triple Star One-Off Cleaning services:

Christchurch Move In & Out Cleaning, Open Home Cleaning, Spring Cleaning Services, Presale home Cleaning, Builders Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning.jpg

An end of tenancy cleaning is an excellent way to prepare your property for inspection, open home or to freshen up before transferring to a new tenant.

Who is this service for?

  • Property Managers

  • Current Tenant

  • Landlords

Current Tenants

Tenants face a problem when they leave a rental.

If you are unable to appropriately clean your rental, you could be charged your deposit to pay for the cost of a professional cleaner. In some cases, landlords will ask for the maximum billable amount for these situations.


Engaging a professional cleaner for an end of lease cleaning ensures the best chance of keeping your deposit, not incurring any extra charges.

Property Managers & Landlords


Make a quality impression with your new tenants and enable them to enjoy a clean, fresh property. We trust our cleaning will keep your rental units in high demand.

Move out Cleaning.jpg

A quality clean every time


Triple Star Cleaning comes with everything we need to finish the job. Every home is unique, so we use a variety of deep cleaning equipment to ensure we have the best tool for the best clean.

Contact us today if you require a comprehensive end of tenancy clean in Christchurch.




Can I do end of tenancy cleaning myself?


Yes, you can but a whole house does require many hours to clean properly.

To thoroughly clean a toilet would take around 30 minutes, bathrooms would take around 1 hour including the sink and wall. A good wipe for a wall would take 10-20 minutes per room.

In our experience, a standard 3-bedroom house would take at least 10-15 hours for general cleaning, not including the windows and carpet cleaning. It's not easy but can still be done.

Can I have the carpet cleaning during the end of tenancy clean?


It's best to leave the carpet cleaning as the last job. It's ideal when the house it's all empty and all surfaces are cleaned.

Can you carry out the service if I am not present / away from the property?


Yes, you don't have to be there all the time, unless you want to help our cleaners with cleaning!

How do I add outdoor areas to an end of tenancy clean?


We can clean windows outside, window sills, gutters, and even water blasting services and even clean your rubbish bins for you.


If you have a specific area you would like cleaned, just ask.

How does the end of tenancy cleaning differ from one-off deep cleaning?


End of tenancy cleaning is normally in an empty house where our cleaners can reach all areas and corners. This allows us to inspect any dirt that needs to be removed.


The deep cleaning service is similar to a common spring-clean for your home while people are living in the property. Limited access to areas to be cleaned.

How long does end of tenancy cleaning take?


For standard 3 bedroom single story houses, general cleaning would require 10-15 hours. Plus 2-3 hours for windows and 1-2 hours for carpet cleaning.

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