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Flood Restoration Christchurch


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Emergency Flood Restoration

Floods in your home or workplace whether caused by a natural disaster or accident can be devastating, costly and highly stressful.


Flooding can cause varying degrees of damage depending on its severity, carpets, floors, walls, furniture, soft furnishings and even building structures can be affected and require cleaning and restoration.


If you have a water-damaged property in Christchurch then Triple Star are your flood restoration Christchurch specialists, here to ease your stress levels.


Causes of Water Damage


Common causes of water damage include water penetration from a storm flood-affected area an overflowing washing machine, toilet, bath or vanity, leaking fridges freezers and hot water systems and burst or faulty pipes and faulty drainage systems.


All of these will require a flood restoration service for your property.

Effects of Water Damage

Floodwater often contains harmful microorganisms and viruses that can create a severe health risk even when the contaminated flood water recedes.


The residue on flood-affected properties includes bacteria that can be even more dangerous health-wise than the initial damage caused.

Moisture and humidity can be retained in, for instance, your carpet causing a build-up of mould that can have negative health implications for your family.

Residential Fast Flood

Restoration Service


Triple Star are aware that a flood can be a very stressful time and will work closely with you on your flood restoration in a timely manner. We also understand how important it is to fix water damage as quickly as possible to prevent long term damage to your property.


Our fast and efficient service aims to resolve the problems and leave you with dry carpets with as little impact as possible to you and your family.

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Commercial Flood Damage Services In Christchurch


A flooding disaster causing damage to commercial property inevitably results in the interruption of your business, loss of revenue and potential loss of customers and production. Waiting to begin flood restoration will cause increased stress and higher costs.

Fast action and quick mitigation is required to minimise carpet deterioration, hazardous bacteria and mould growth, water damage to wooden floors and musty odours that can be hard to eliminate. Triple Star will work with you to resolve these issues.

What Does Flood Damage Restoration Involve?


Flood restoration cleans and restores your property to how it was before the flooding damage occurred. The first step is to assess the damage especially the wet carpets, walls and floors before the water extraction commences.


It is important to remove water and moisture as soon as possible wherever it has spread to help reduce the dampness across the entire property to ensure minimal damage.

Triple Stars trained operators use commercial grade dehumidifiers and air movers in the drying process to maximise water extraction from flooring and wet carpet.

Structural drying of your property makes sure no moisture-retaining areas are missed as dry walls, ceilings, wet carpet, cavities and crawl spaces are systematically checked as part of the water damage restoration.


Why Use Triple Star for Emergency Flood Restoration Services?


Triple Star are committed to complete customer satisfaction and will work with you in restoring your water damage restoration in Christchurch in a budget-friendly way at the time it suits you.


Our team of trained and internationally certified qualified professionals (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) will restore your property back to its pre-flood condition.


We use state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products ensuring our services are second to none.

Triple Star Services is fully insured and carries a 5 million dollar liability insurance for all of our commercial & residential sites.


Triple Star are not just professional at carpet cleaning we are also specialists at carpet drying and restoration.

Utilising an industrial 20HP petrol truck-mounted cleaning machine our highly trained technicians will thoroughly restore your carpets and disinfect them using the best hospital grade chemicals to kill all spores, moulds and bacteria before completing the carpet drying thus restoring your carpets to their normal pristine condition.


Contact our professional flood restoration Christchurch experts for all your flood restoration needs.