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Hard Floor Cleaning services:


  • Everyone loves to have their hard floor clean at all times, but hard floor cleaning is one of the most challenging areas of cleaning.

  • It is easy for anyone to use a mop and bucket to clean hard flooring in less than an hour. However, hard floor cleaning goes beyond just mopping a stained floor with your mop and bucket. It requires a more technical approach and can sometimes seem like a massive task.

  • If you are looking to always have your hard floor sparkling clean, Triple Star cleaning services can help.


Our hard floor services include:

Stripping floor


This is a technical term used in the sanitation business to describe the removal of hard floor finishes.


This process utilizes various orthodox stripping methods like slurry stripping. It gets rid of deep-seated dirt.


We offer our customers top-notch stripping floor services.

Seal and Polish Floor

The advantages of applying a good floor sealer system to a hard floor are for improvement and safety of your asset. Flooring that is bare and open to constant pressure from human activity can make the floor surface dull when it is not protected.

The moment you seal and polish hard flooring, it is safe from abrasion due to movement, spillages, etc. What's more, it is easier to clean, the color of the floor improved, and it will possess a more uniform glow.

However, surfaces in a bad state can be cautiously restored and protective polish can be periodically applied. We use machine buffing on areas with high foot traffic to make it shine again.

Triple Star will not only save you time, keep your floor in pristine condition but also in many cases save you money.

Vinyl floor strip and wax.jpg

Final words


Triple Star cleaning services has a team of well-trained specialists in all areas of cleaning including hard flooring.

Our staff go through a thorough hard floor cleaning course.


Candidates become highly skilled in hard floor cleaning and restoration with practical guidelines of safely utilizing the equipment.



How often should I clean my hardwood floors?


To maintain the life of the flooring, cleaning your hardwood flooring should be done in the same period as carpet cleaning, every 6-12 months depending on the foot traffic of the space.


How long does it take to clean Hardwood flooring?


Cleaning either tiles or vinyl flooring on a standard kitchen floor, bathrooms and toilets can take 1 - 2 hours.


A Deep scrub clean with one of our heavy-duty scrubbing machines and high steam or cold pressure cleaning for your interior floors are a must for every house.

Can you steam clean area rugs on hardwood floors?


Not all hardwood floors are water-resistant, so we would always recommend cleaning the rug on carpet, then moving the rug onto the garage floor or rolling them out where air can move around to dry the rug.

Some customers prefer to clean outside the deck, but you need to make sure the areas are clean before we put them down. Most rugs should dry in a similar timeframe as carpet (3- 6 hours) unless it’s a thicker heavy-duty rug that we have to re-clean until the dirt is removed.

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