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Choose The Right Cleaning Company

Employing a cleaner involves giving people you don’t know access to your home, including private areas like your bedroom and bathroom. Not only this, the cleaners might be in your home when you are not there. It is, therefore, important you make the right decision on which cleaning company to choose. Here are our tips.

Make Sure its Cleaners are Vetted

The cleaning company you choose should thoroughly screen all the cleaners on its team. This will ensure they will do a good job, but it will also ensure they are honest and trustworthy. In addition, make sure the cleaning company has good management structures in place to monitor the work and maintain high professional standards.

Ensure the Company Has Experience

Experience in the market will give you confidence the cleaning company is reliable and knows what it is doing.

Get References

Check testimonials and references from the cleaning company to get an understanding of what customers like you think about its services. After all, the cleaning company can tell you anything. A testimonial or reference is a customer’s perspective, however.

Check if the Terms are Flexible

This involves checking if the cleaning company works in a way that suits your lifestyle. For example, can the cleaners come on the days and at the times you need them to? Is the company okay with the frequency you need, and what happens if you need to vary the service for a week, i.e. get your home cleaned on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday?

Also, check the payment and contract terms – are they acceptable to you?

Think About the Frequency

Do you want your home cleaned once a week, twice a month, once a month, or a different frequency? When considering this question, don’t just think about cost. You may get a better price per visit, plus your home will be kept cleaner, if you increase the frequency. In other words, getting your home cleaned more often can be better value for money.

Make Sure the Cleaners Have the Right Equipment

Find out if the cleaners will use the company’s equipment or do they expect to use yours. It is best to know this in advance.

Can You Get Additional Services?

It is also worthwhile knowing if you can get additional services if you ever need them. Some might be ad hoc that you may need or may not, such as after party cleaning. Others may be more regular, albeit on a frequency of once or twice a year. Examples include cleaning light fixtures, deep cleaning carpets, and upholstery cleaning.

If you want window cleaning included in the service you get, you should check this too.

Is the Cleaning Service Value for Money?

When comparing prices and services offered, make sure you compare like with like before deciding which is the best value for money. That said, home cleaning services don’t have to be expensive. At Top Star, for example, we offer a lowest price guarantee.

Here’s a final, bonus tip for once you choose a cleaning company – make sure you communicate. This should start from the very first visit – if you are not happy with something or would like something changed, let them know. It is better to have the conversation, so the cleaning company can deal with it.

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