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Move-out checklist

Moving out of your apartment or home can be really a stressful day, especially if you don’t keep a checklist handful. It’s good to have your own checklist ready before you start the process, it’s even better that every person in the house has his own checklist with him. But there is always a central checklist. One Checklist to rule them all!

Secure the whole place:

Safety is the first thing you should make sure of when leaving the place. It’s good practice to check each room and secure all windows and doors. Make sure the garage and basement are properly secured and there are no locks left unlocked. The ideal way to do this is to appoint one person to do the job and have another person double check.

Don’t forget things behind:

You don’t want to leave things behind, do a thorough search in every room to make sure everything is packed. Keep all the packings in a visible place so anyone can see them and no package is left behind. Check all the drawers in rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, every storage space in every room.

Set the thermostat:

Make sure the thermostat is working properly, fix it if you see any problem before leaving the house. It’s a good practice to leave the thermostat on according to the temperature required, you don’t want the new tenants to freeze out in the house due to cold because you turned it off or feel the heat inside in summers because you set the temperature high. Turn off the water, so they don’t freeze, in winters.

Empty the garbage bin:

No one wants a stinky place when they move in, certainly, you don’t want the house to have rotten smells in it when you move out. The good thing to do is to remove all items from everywhere you don’t want, and then dispose off your garbage. Also, make sure the refrigerator has absolutely nothing in it.

Leave all keys behind:

You don’t want the landlord calling you for the keys you accidentally took away with yourselves, it would be almost impossible finding it out, among all the boxes and packings. So be wise to leave the keys on the kitchen counter for the new tenants or hand it back to the landlord. Equally important is to leave the garage door opener there too, one thing that most people don’t remember.

Leave a note:

Don’t be shy to great the new tenants with a welcome note. This may sound a small gesture but leaves an excellent impression. Perhaps you can give them few useful instructions, about the next garbage day or useful tips about the house. For Example, how that kitchen door knob needs some extra push on the button to close it properly, or the fridge needs some services etc.

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