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Top 5 Tools For Spring Cleaning

Winter are times when you don’t have much time for doing small cleaning tasks, a day drags and eventually, it’s time for bed. Comes the spring season and things seems to be messy and out of place, whether you like it or not it’s about time to clean up.

Don’t forget about the after party cleaning

The parties, all winter long might have been forgotten now but there are the leftovers and pigments here and there that reminds of it. They might well qualify for an after party cleaning service, but before you reach out for the phone, there are small easy-to-do cleaning tasks that you can do yourself. With a handful of some useful tools, all the dirt and spots will be on their way to good riddance.

Listed below in detail are 5 must have cleaning tools that will save you a lot of time and effort for a spotless home. Buy them once and keep them useful whenever you feel up for a quick residential cleaning.

Hand Duster

A simple hand duster might sound mundane but is an extremely handy tool for every house. Hand dusters are very common almost in every house, for quickly and effectively removing dust from all places and surfaces in the house. Although on some occasions a hand duster might not be a useful tool especially for an After Party Cleaning, but for a weekly or bi-weekly dusting it’s second to none.

Protective Gloves

Gloves are very handy when cleaning dishes for protecting skin from any harmful effects of the detergents and soap. These rubber gloves are also useful when doing residential cleaning yourself. Protecting your hands against cleaning sprays that can contain harmful chemicals is an important thing you should do. You can easily get a pair of them from a local store for a very low price.

Regular cleaning services

Mops are essential tools for cleaning floors when it comes to residential cleaning. There are many kinds of mops ranging from microfibre to sponge mops. Microfibre mops are the hot-selling and sought out by most of the consumers. You can buy a twist mop or a flat one depending on your needs.

If you have pets at your home it’s more likely there will be pet hairs in most part of your house. Buying a dust mop will do the magic having them cleared up without too much of an effort.


Squeegees have become a household tool thanks to its availability in small sizes for cars and windows. A squeegee is a great problem solver not only for spotless and sparkling cleaning of windshields but windows and glass door as well. If you want spotless and sparkling windows at your home then a simple squeegee is very handy.

You can also apply glass cleaning spray or a soap on your glass, for a complete sparkling clean. However, without a squeegee, you might not be able to achieve this. They have become an intrinsic part of light residential cleaning in every home.


Last but not the least important is a sponge. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Just like a protective glove, a sponge is also part of the kitchen accessories. However, it holds a significant importance in cleaning off dirt and spilled liquid spots in different parts of the home.

Sponges are useful for scrubbing greasy spots on surfaces, they can absorb a great deal of water and produces foam when used with soap. Cleaning with a sponge is a whole lot easier than a fabric.

Sponges are made up of wood fiber or plastic polymers. They are easily available at local store or hardware shop.

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