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What’s lurking in your carpet?

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Your child’s bedroom is so special. You’ve decorated it with characters they can’t get enough of. It is full of your child’s favorite toys scattered all over the floor. This is the main space where your child learns through play. They imagine themselves in far off places and dress up dolls for tea parties. Sometimes they even invite you to join them on their grand adventures. You have the best time rolling on the floors.

But if you look a little closer at that carpet that you are playing in, what do you think you will find? What is lurking in your child’s bedroom carpet?

A Breeding Ground

You want to keep your children happy and healthy. But they play on the floors where things that can be harmful to their health breed. The most common things lurking in the carpets are ground breeding bacteria, dust mites, allergens and mold. All of these can be very harmful to your little ones health. Carpets hold on to things like pet hair, mold and even insect feces. If carpets are not properly maintained this can lead to immune system weakness, skin problems, and respiratory problems.

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You may assume that you are doing your job if you can’t see the dirt on the floor. Out of sight out of mind, right .But the fact of the matter is that the most harmful things are going to be those which you cant see living just beneath the surface of the carpet.

There are a number of ways to help to keep your carpets clean and help keep your family healthy. These tips can help you be more confident that you are doing everything that you can to keep your family healthy.


Shoes should not be worn indoors. Shoes can bring everything from the outside in to the home. Studies have shown that shoes trail in all kinds of bad stuff from the outside and then it stays in your carpet and with long term exposure can lead to health problems.

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Bacteria from dog poop, public restrooms and other places can bring E.coli into your home. This bacteria not only survives but multiplies and spreads throughout the house carried by the shoes. Toxins like those found in gasoline and other harmful place can be tracked in by shoes and long term effects can be very harmful. Dirt can also be tracked in when shoes are allowed in the house, and if you have small children or toddlers they can risk ingesting this dirt.

Keeping shoes from being worn indoor is definitely the first step in assuring that the carpets are safe for you and your family from getting sick. Keeping them by the front door allows them to be out of the way and still accessible when needed.


Vacuuming is a way to keep carpets clean in between deep cleanings. This should be done often especially in high traffic area or spaces where there are pets. Ensuring that you have a good carpet cleaning at least twice a week with a high quality cleaner will help to pick up debris and pet hairs. Making sure to vacuum area rugs and any area that your family spends a lot of time in is also important. The best vacuums will be bagless and have a strong suctions. You’ll also want to make sure that there is also a good number of tools to get to the small hard to reach areas. If you have pets it’s a good idea to get a model with specialty modes to capture all the pet hair and dander.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

A deep carpet cleaning is recommended every six months. Make sure you have a good carpet cleaning in wellington on hand. Having a professional come in to do a carpet cleaning can alleviate some concerns about what is lurking in the carpets. They can also take care of spots and stains you may not have been able to remove on your own. If your having a hard time finding one look up carpet cleaning near me or contact Triple Star Cleaning Service to get a quote for your next cleaning.

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The next time your little one is crawling on the floor in their bedroom ask yourself if your doing everything to keep that carpet clean and safe for them to play. Consider keeping shoes from being worn in the home to keep things from being tracked in from outside., vacuuming more often especially in high traffic areas and places where there are often pets. Schedule a carpet cleaning to ensure that your carpets don’t just look clean but are deep cleaned for you and your families health. All these things will insure that you can rest assured knowing that your child is safe on the carpet.

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