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Retail Cleaning Services


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Triple Star are an expert in cleaning solutions for the Retail industry in Christchurch.

Restaurants, Cafes, Retail Shop fronts, Mall retail stores
Local Canterbury team, Fast and easy quotes.



The appearance of your retail shop is the first and foremost factor that can influence your customers’ decision on whether they will purchase from your shop or not.


Whether it is an appliance store or a luxury boutique, retail cleanliness plays a crucial role in creating a positive shopping experience.

An inviting environment encourages shoppers to stay longer and return more often.


Not only are sparkling clean retail environments good for business, but it also eliminates the risk of potential injuries and accidents in your retail outlet. A customer might slip and fall while walking on a wet floor if a worker is cleaning the floor during business hours.


Dusty and grimy counters may trigger allergic reactions among your staff or customers and of course most customers these days are anxious about COVID-19.





The benefits of a professional commercial cleaning service also extend beyond appearances.


An immaculately cleaned and disinfected retail store also tends to have healthier employees, less absenteeism and higher morale which ultimately leads to higher profits.


All Triple Star staff members are trained in the proper cleaning methods, techniques and products to safeguard your merchandise and assets.


Have your cleaning requirements taken care of so staff can focus on their core task of serving your customers and generating more sales.

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To ensure that your business experiences as little disruption as possible, we will create a schedule of work that meets your exact requirements. We are flexible and can work at times that will suit your business.


Every business has its unique requirements and we work closely with our clients to identify their priorities.

Triple Star specialities include bathroom cleaning, carpethard floor cleaning and care and window cleaning.


Our cleaning crews understand the importance of attention to detail, quality work and creating first impressions.


Our professional cleaning team are directly employed by us and are trusted to provide a consistently excellent service.


We carefully screen all employees through references and background checks so the security and safety of your retail business is guaranteed.


We work hard to create a clean, safe floor area and a healthy environment for everyone who enters your store.


Triple Star is not just customer focussed, we are committed to complete customer satisfaction which is the hallmark of our business. No matter what your business cleaning requirements are, Triple Star can tailor retail cleaning services packages to suit.

Whether you require a one-off service or a long-term contract, we can deliver a solution that works for you at very competitive rates.