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Window Cleaning Services​

  • Do you need a reliable residential and commercial window cleaning service?

  • Who makes use of the latest technology?

  • Who will also clean the frames of your window at no extra cost?


Welcome to Christchurch cleaning service. Our window cleaning service uses one hundred percent pure water to clean windows, because scientifically, this has proven to be the best window cleaning method. Our Pure Water Cleaning service removes impurities through a 5 stage process.  This Pure water is then used to clean your windows and will completely evaporate, leaving behind no watermarks or spotting. Pure water has amazing cleaning qualities!

Why choose our Pure-Water Window Cleaning Service:

  • All our employees are vetted, You are in very safe hands.

  • We clean all windows from the ground floor, because you value your privacy.

  • Cheaper long term cleaning costs as Pure Water keeps windows clean for longer periods of time.

  • If you are sick of spots and smears, pure water leaves a sparkling finish.

  • Due to our ladderless system, you no longer have to worry about damage to flat roofs, tiles, flower beds or gardens. We’ll clean all your windows, even reaching up to 4 stories or 10 Meters.

  • You get a better deal! We’ll also clean your sills and frames as part of the package, Free of charge!


After the windows are washed, they are left wet, but there are no impurities in the remaining drops of pure water, so they dry to a smear free, sparkling finish every time.


We also clean interior windows using the traditional window cleaning method, as it’s not exposed to as much dirt as the windows outside. This means that you get windows that sparkle on both sides, win-win.

We are very proud of our work and know that our standards are second to none in the industry.  We provide a reliable, friendly and efficient service as we value all our customers.

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